Some years ago I found myself thinking of the connections between painting and music. The proportions of objects, colors and textures of a painting are magnificently calibrated by the artist. What if you take these as a pattern to create a musical composition? Would it be as interesting and surprising as the painting?
These thoughts came to my mind when I lived in Barcelona and visited the famous Fundació Joan Miró. His artwork, the strength of his paintings, his unique language of symbols deeply impressed me.
Thinking about using a picture as a starting point for composing a piece of music, it was soon clear to me, that there was plenty of inspiration in the world of Joan Miró.


Matthias Tschopp Quartet:
Matthias Tschopp – baritone saxophone
Yves Theiler – piano & rhodes
Raffaele Bossard – bass
Alex Huber – drums

All compositions by Matthias Tschopp
All paintings by Joan Miró © Successió Miró/2013, ProLitteris, Zurich